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Web3 API Changelog

Welcome to the changelog document for Vottun Web3 APIs, including Core APIs and IPFS API. This document provides a comprehensive overview of the changes and updates made to APIs across various versions. Whether you are a developer integrating these APIs into your applications or a curious user interested in the latest enhancements, this changelog serves as a valuable resource to stay informed about the evolution of the APIs.

Core APIs include:

  • Web3 Core
  • Crypto (ERC-20)
  • NFT 721
  • NFT 1155
  • POAPs
  • Custodied Wallets

Available Core APIs

VersionDate releasedSupported Until
v1September 15th, 2023To be defined

Available IPFS APIs

VersionDate releasedSupported Until
v2September 15th, 2023To be defined
v1March 8th, 2022May 31st, 2024